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HY1/HY2 Ceramic lining


This is a Y-type 3-way ball valve lined with ceramic chips which is excellent in abrasion resistance and suitable for high hardness, high speed powder transportation.
Ceramic chips can also be applied to 2-way valve.

● Since this is a processed product of the general valve, it can cope with economical and relatively short delivery time, and complex processing is possible.
● By attaching L-shape corner chip to the port, the fluid prevents the abrasion of the edge and the peeling of the ceramic chip.
● The attachment of the chip adopts the continuous array staggered pasting, and prevents the wear and peeling of the joint.


Production Range
Connection Rating  : JIS10K, ASME 150#
Size  : 25A(1”)~350A(14”)
Material  : SCS13A, SCS14A, SCS16A, FC200 and others

Ceramic:Alumina 92%
Bonding: Chip (t1.5, t3)
Adhesive: Room temperature-curing Epoxy or Slicon
Heat resistance temperature: NBR(Standard) -20~80℃、Viton -15~160℃
Wear resistance: 20 times FC200.
Chemical resistance: Consulting

Usage achievements
Fly ash, pulverized coal, silica, cement powder, waste plastic, quicklime, casting sand, ore powder, iron powder, diatomaceous earth, etc.


High hardness, high speed powder transportation


Anti-static, special painting, oil & water free treatment, flushing nozzle, electro polishing, beveling port, PIG spec, and etc.

  • HISAKA PFA LINED DIAPHRAGM VALVE High Corrosion Resistance High Durability
  • LOW TEMP. BALL VALVE lowest-104℃
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