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HC-series Hydraulic actuator

HC-series Hydraulic actuator


HC series actuator ~Hisaka Original Design~

  • Space-saving design that minimizes the height.
  • Small size but high output.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Applicable to various kinds of ball valves.
  • Flat torque ensures a stable operating environment.
  • The product can be operated pneumatically even in an environment without hydraulic equipment by using a hydraulic booster.
Fluid Hydraulic oil
Recommended oil Hydraulic mineral oil
Operating Pressure Standard 14MPa MAX 21MPa
Permissible Environment Temperature -10°C~+80°C
Lubrication Oil No need
Two-way valve standard compatible size 150A~500A
Rotation Angle 90degree or 135 degree
Paint color Silver
Material SS400
Casing Rainwater etc intrusion prevention structure.
It can be used outdoors.
Option Electromagnetic valve, Limit switch, Positioner, Pressure-reducing valve with filter, speed controller and other


HC-series Hydraulic actuator - DIMENSION

  • HISAKA PFA LINED DIAPHRAGM VALVE High Corrosion Resistance High Durability
  • LOW TEMP. BALL VALVE lowest-104℃
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