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Valve Division

The ball valve we developed for the first time has been repeatedly improved and maintained the high quality. Applications are widely ― liquids, gases, steam, granular powder, for example ― and operating in severe conditions such as high viscosity, high/low temperature and high pressure. As a specialized manufacturer of ball valves, we are pursuing the "No.1 quality and performance with environmental capabilities and safety". We will continue to challenge for new products and services to meet the needs of the times with aggressive ideas toward the future so that we can provide value exceeding our customers' expectations.

Pioneer of ball valve

When Japan relied on the imports from USA and Europe for the most of industrial machinery, we used our original stainless steel processing technologies for the completion of first 2-way and 3-way SUS304 valves (Diameters: 3/4B and 1B) in Japan.
The development of the valves has led to our recognition as “HISAKA, special valve manufacturer”.
As a specialist manufacturer with "heat and pressure control technology for fluids," we will continue to develop and develop our products based on "advanced manufacturing technology" and will take on the challenge of making advanced products.

Japan’s first ball valveJapan’s first ball valve

Introduction of Valve Division and products

  • HISAKA PFA LINED DIAPHRAGM VALVE High Corrosion Resistance High Durability
  • LOW TEMP. BALL VALVE lowest-104℃
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