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Maintenance Program

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Full Service Package - Professional maintenance work for PHE
What is the Full Service Package?
Full Service Package is the total maintenance service provided by HISAKA WORKS, Ltd. Because skilled service engineers take plate heat exchangers to HISAKA facilities to make overhaul, the plate heat exchangers are restored.
  • Disassembly
  • Preliminary Cleaning
  • Dipping in the Degreasing Tank and Cleaning Tank
  • Cleaning Work
  • Regasketting
  • Frame Overhaul
  • Assembling of the PHE
  • Leakage test
  • Final inspection
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Full Service Package
We take plate heat exchangers and subject them to a comprehensive package of maintenance tasks including plate cleaning, gasket replacement, plate pneumatic leak test, reassembly and shipping inspection. Since we can immediately exchange or repair any parts limited not only to gaskets, you can trust us with your products even with short maintenance lead-times. We also provide the services for plate pack-only cleaning and assembly after cleaning, etc.