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When you visit HISAKA Site, we need to ask you to use after reading the following matters.
In addition, it is regarded as what has consented to the following matters by using HISAKA Site.
About the service and the consent matter which are offered on HISAKA Site, the following information is offered on HISAKA Site.
1. Information about HISAKA original Development Products and Services
2. Information about HISAKA Activity.
3. Information for it being more pleasant and useful purpose using the above Item 1.
Moreover, the next act is permitted in HISAKA
1. A visitor displays on the browser of his computer, and in order that a perusing
2. A visitor may use not in the profit purpose but in an individual, it saves on a computer or prints out.
In addition, about the contents which have specified the provision of use consent on the website separately about download, we permit that download and use is carried out in the nonprofit purpose on condition that the consent provision are observed.
However, even if it attaches in that case, carrying out composition with carrying all or the parts of a program, a picture, etc. which were downloaded to the homepage of self or a third person etc., attaching to an E-mail and transmitting, processing it, changing, other programs, a picture, etc. forbids.


In case HISAKA carries information to HISAKA website, it is checking the contents in advance, but if it takes the side of the accuracy of those information, informational newest, and the usefulness for a visitor, it does not guarantee a visitor at all.
Moreover, it originates in access of HISAKA website, and a trouble occurs on software or hardware in the visitor's personal computer, peripheral equipment, network environment, etc., and even when a visitor has damage suffered directly or indirectly by thiese, HISAKA takes no responsibility.
Judgment of HISAKA performs addition of the information currently released on HISAKA website, change, correction, and deletion, without announcing a visitor.
In addition, please understand that it has not guaranteed at all about service, informational positive offer, and an access result.
Moreover, HISAKA is allowed to carry out discontinuation of public presentation of all or some of these websites, or a stop, and to make a change of URL for the maintenance purpose of a server, renewal of a site, and the other unavoidable reasons.

The copyright and the trademark right in connection with HISAKA website

The copyright in connection with all the literary works (Photograph, Figure, Icon, Logo Mark, Illustration, Text data, Design and Program, etc.) that constitute HISAKA website is protected by the law of the Copyright Act of each country, various treaties, and others.
There being no prior consent and using these lirerary works exceeding the range of the private use clearly accepted by law, ( Duplicate, Alteration, Upload, Notice, Transmission, Distribution, License, Sale, Publication, etc. being included) is forbidden firmly in law.
Moreover, the trademark right in connection with names, such as products, service, etc. displayed on HISAKA website, belongs to HISAKA website which is the person concerned who made the work concerned, a original copyright person, or its owner.
Therefore, about all the contents and literary works that have been carried to HISAKA website, using and reproducing without notice is also forbidden firmly./p>

Security Policy

In HISAKA website, it does not collect or use without notice without the consent to spontaneous offer and use of a visitor about a visitor's personal information which HISAKA deals with.
The personal information of the visitor who transmitted to HISAKA website shall be managed strictly and safely inside HISAKA.