Corporate Social Responsibility


In 2006, we laid out its basic spirit regarding CSR in the Management Philosophy / Behavior Charter and began company-wide activities.
The CSR Promotion Office was established to invigorate the in-house CSR activities, and it began as the CSR Promotion Division in 2017.

CSR Basic Policy

(1) Keep a clear image of the CSR that HISAKA and its subsidiaries aim to achieve and will expand our business activities based on CSR. (2) Thoroughly inform employees about the Behavior Charter, Behavior Norms, and standards and will expand them as specific issues. (3) Cultivate a corporate culture that emphasizes corporate ethics and always actively makes appropriate decisions. (4) Employees will be thoroughly aware that environmental protection, advocating for human rights, and contributions to the community are the corporation's social mission. (5) Employees will understand the essence of the CSR philosophy, Behavior Charter, Behavior Norms, and standards, and will properly be aware of the significance and role of companies, organizations, and individuals. (6) Properly prioritize and allot resources to individual CSR issues based on logical reasoning. (7) Practice strategic information disclosure and communicate with stakeholders regarding CSR activities and nurture a relationship of trust.

Thoughts on "Tree of CSR" -The CSR Vision of the HISAKA Group-

Each employee recognizes that he or she is fulfilling their social responsibility to customers, business partners, local communities and the environment (sky). They catch the daily work (roots) as the CSR activities while understanding the relation with society (leaves and stems). By everybody voluntarily engaging in CSR activities, a strong corporate culture (soil) is fostered within the company, which leads to social contribution. As a result, this leads to the growth and sustainable development of the company.