Corporate Information

Management Philosophy / Action Guidelines

Aiming to be a company widely trusted with the spirit of sincerity (Magokoro) as our motto.


Aiming to be a company widely trusted with the spirit of sincerity (Magokoro) as our motto.

Established in 1962.

HISAKA upholds corporate identity "Sincerity" and is promoting the basis of the following management principles, and continuable corporate activity as a target which its best should be further done in realization of "radicating to the world"and "pursuit of rich humanity".
It aims not only at the inside of a company but at the thing which it is the company trusted from society widely, and is continued. (CSR)

Management Principle

HISAKA defines the following management principles.
While contributing to society through a good product, prosperity of a company and the improvement in a life of an employee are aimed at, and it aims at rewarding a stockholder and a community.

The origin of corporate development is in "People's Sum." The master and followership aim at growth and stability of the company's business earnestly to after united efforts reliance mutually.

Think of originality with creativity and progressive character much, do your best in improvement in technology, and development of a product continuously, and make quality and a price into an international level by scientific management.

The union-management cooperation which was able to take harmony is important for healthy growth of a company above all. Employer and employees respect the position mutually, and do phase cooperation.

Always clarify accounting of company. By reasonable profit, clients are served and the profits are distributed with justice.

Those who were excellent in character, judgment, and technology take charge of management, and the status is taken into consideration by suitable personnel affairs with fair everybody.

Technical 3 (Three) Principles

HISAKA follows positive progressive technical mind and let it be a statement of principles to perform the following Three Principles faithfully and for the all to aim at a "global level" (1) New product development (2) Quality Assurance (3) Productivity Improvement

While always challenging development of a new product, do our best in the improvement of the existing products positively as a pioneer of "Heat, Energy, Dyeing & Fiinishing, Food, and Valve."

Since the quality (Performance, Function & Price) of products are adapted for the flow of severe technical innovation, it performs thorough management.

While strengthening a technical constitution, strive for improvement in productivity (added value) by the new scientific technique.

Sales 3 (Three) Principles

Sales of HISAKA defines following three principles in order to realize as follows matters. These are based on global wide view and strongly execute of company article "Sincerity"(Magokoro). Also our basic mind is continuously challenge of servising for the customer and improvement of our business.

Sales always makes "sincerity" slogan and is promoted by the person who can contribute to an international market by positive empowerment.

Sales does its best in always brawny product development and valuable market creation.

Sales always tries to prosper a customer, and by that, our company also make sure leading to development and serves society further.