Corporate Information

Philosophy System

With our company motto "Sincerity" in mind, we aim to be a company that is chosen from all over the world.

In April 2021, we renewed our philosophy for the first time since our founding in 1942.
The new philosophy system is composed of 4 principles; Company Motto, Business Creed, Five Principles, and
Action Guidelines, has been named "HISAKA MIND" by multiplying the 2 implications from the word of "mind".
In the future, we will encourage employees to take voluntary actions in line with our philosophy, and work to
disseminate our philosophy so that "HISAKA MIND" becomes a shared value standard for all employees.

Company Motto: Our DNA

Let's be people who have sincerityBeing people who respect others
and value harmony
Let's make products that have sincerityCreating satisfying products free of
deception or ambiguity
Let's make ours a company that has sincerityBeing a company that brings
happiness to everyone

Business Creed: Our Eternal Goals

"Taking root among the world"
We will provide attractive products and services
through our high-level
technology, broad network,
and in-depth researches.
"Pursuit of rich humanity"
We will become attractive persons with high
aspirations, broad perspectives, and

Five Principles: What We Aim to Be

  • 1.Cooperation with EmpathyEngaging in matters together with others
    holding the same goal
  • 2.Enterprising and DaringEngaging in matters pro-actively and
  • 3.Profit for Yourself and OthersYour own profit is the profit of others,
    and contributing to others is your own
  • 4.Fair and ImpartialEngaging in matters fairly and openly
  • 5.Safety and SecurityProviding a sense of security through
    the utmost priority on safety

Action Guidelines: Actions We Should Take

HIGHER Undertake challenges to make new discoveriesHIGHER Undertake challenges to make new discoveries
  • (1)Just give it a try
  • (2)Correct your course
  • (3)Ask for help
  • (4)Continue to be humble
WIDER Expand your own possibilitiesWIDER Expand your own possibilities
  • (1)Accept differences
  • (2)Expand the breadth of your knowledge
  • (3)Gain a great deal of experience
DEEPER Become expertsDEEPER Become experts
  • (1)Refine your strengths
  • (2)Find the interesting part of things
  • (3)Continue perseveringly

The new action guidelines are based on the concept of "higher, wider, and deeper", which is also the title of the book of the late
Mr. Shizuo Nanba, who established the company motto "Sincerity", and this is linked to the concept of "+ (plus) type human resources" that we launched in 2018.