Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Contribution

Activities for Occupational Safety and Health

  • This international standard aims to continuously improve occupational health and safety by establishing a safe and healthy work environment and preventing occupational accidents. Since our founding, HISAKA had been conducting its original activities, and now has acquired this certification at Konoike Plant (production base). For our customers, we will continue to provide the safe products with full of sincerity (Magokoro)

Activities for Environmental Conservation

  • HISAKA acquired ISO14001 certification in December 2007. By means of this, we hope, as a "corporation that contributes to the global environment through its business activities, products and services", to grow into a company that, to a higher degree than ever before, enjoys ease of mind and trust from all who are concerned with it.

Environment Policy

Promote environment activities with company motto "Sincerity (Magokoro)" as basic philosophy.

Manufacture products that are "people and environment friendly"
Make the company "people and environment friendly"
Become "people and environment friendly" Corporate Citizens.

Environment Declaration and Action Guidelines

As an environmentally considerate company, HISAKA WORKS, LTD. will promote six Action Guidelines as following statements.
1. To observe the law and regulations of the environment and agree on the social agreement.
2. To promote the development and sales of environmentally-conscious products based on customer needs.
3. To make efforts to save resources and energy by preventing environment contamination and activities to reduce environment impact.
4. To offer service that contributes to the reduction in environment impact for customers.
5. To carry out corporate activities sustainably that harmonize environment, quality, safety and cost control.
6. To continuously improve environment activities and integrate with full participation with the region.