Export Control

Security Export Control of HISAKA

What is Security Export Control ?

-The purpose of the export control system is to prevent weapons and goods such as powerful machinery and highly toxic chemicals,
viruses and bacteria, among other technologies and information with possible military applications, from inadvertently reaching
developers of weapons of mass destruction, terrorists and other entities of concern.
-The global export control framework is enforced by developed nations as one of the means of protecting their country and the international community from their own technology.

Laws and the other regarding Export Regulations

Security export control in Japan is performed in accordance with the following laws and regulations on exports. If you want to export (provide) goods or technology regulated by the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, you must receive permission from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
-Laws: Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act -Cabinet orders: Goods / Export Trade Control Order, Technology / Foreign Exchange Order
METI (The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) http://www.meti.go.jp/policy/anpo/englishpage.html
CISTEC (Center for Information on Security Trade Control) http://www.cistec.or.jp/

HISAKA's Efforts for Export Control

HISAKA has established "Classification" "End-user Check" "End-use Check" and internal regulations for export control that comprehensively take these into consideration, carrying out strict export control.
We also implement internal auditing and training for our employees and affiliated companies, striving to improve the export control of the HISAKA Group.