Corporate Information

Main Equipment

Able to produce high-quality products with efficiency of manufacturing processes.

The Konoike Plant - central hub of HISAKA's manufacturing - has introduced equipment developed with
original HISAKA technology and is moving ahead with drastic raising of the efficiency of its manufacturing processes.


Started operation of the world's first 20,000-ton automated press line (June 1, 2007).

A totally automated, unmanned press line composed of a forming press, trimming press, crack detector, conveying plates, plate collecting device, pressing die replacing device. This high efficiency, state-of-the-art press line achieves productivity 1.5 times higher than previous lines and can cope with plate sizes ranging widely from medium to large size.

The world's largest 40,000-ton press line

Its 40,000-ton press – the largest class in the world - is an automated line composed of a forming press, crack detector and conveying devices. It produces the world’s SUPER JUMBO plates used in LNG plants and similar, as well as various different types of large size titanium plates. It’s the production line that supports "Pioneer of Jumbo plate."

The continuous vacuum furnace for demonstrating the latest brazing technology

Brazed Heat Exchanger (BHE) carries out low attachment of what carried out the simultaneous laminating press of low material and stainless steel plates, such as copper and nickel, at a continuous vacuum furnace.
The capacity and productivity of this continuous vacuum furnace demonstrate that power to efficient production of BHE which is the world's largest class and was developed by the latest press technology and the Brazing technology of HISAKA.

Proccess Engineering Segment

Pressure vessel automatic welding technology

Development and automatic welding of a pressure vessel were first put in practical use for the high precision automatic welding machine for Stainless Steel in Japan.
Processing technical development which can respond new technology timely also at new material, such as addition and super stainless steel, is advanced to our company technology, and High Quality Food Machine and Dyeing and Finishing Machine are offered.

Food and Dyeing Laboratories - Contributes to Achieving Customer Needs

  • Dyeing development and testing lab

    Besides conducting tests for in-house new product development, this lab also provides bring-in tests and dyeing machine development tests to customers. A lot of processing technology of the fashion and the new synthetic fiber which surpassed the world was born in this lab.

  • Food development and testing lab

    We have responded quickly to the ban on food additives (preservatives) and provided cooking and sterilizing recipes that form the basis of many retort pouched foods. By trial-and-error production of food products that customers expect, we can realize new equipment and systems.

  • High-precision automatic welding machine for stainless steel

    We are Japan's first developer of high precision automatic welding machine and succeeded in practical use of automatic welding for the pressure vessel. We are also active in the production of cans for high-quality food and dyeing machinery that are compatible with new materials such as super stainless steel.

  • Bending roller

    Bending technology of the stainless steel is indispensable for fabricating sterilizers and dyeing machines. Our technologies and equipment support the production of high-quality products that can accurately bend and process stainless steel of a wide variety of thicknesses.

Dedicated clean assembly space

A dedicated space for assembly of sterilizers and other devices requiring high cleanness, for delivery to the pharmaceutical industry and other fields.
The pharmaceuticals devices assembled in this dedicated clean assembly space contribute to the pharmaceutical industry by raising safety and reliability.

Valve Segment

Multi-task Processing Machine

In manufacture of Ball Valve, shortening operation could be realized by introducing the multi-task processing machine of uninhabited operation for 24 hours.

5-axis vertical type multi-functional machine

The numerically-controlled multi-function machine fabricates the main body of large size valves of up to 20 inches. The features of both a vertical lathe and a machining center perform turning, milling, drilling and tapping. With 5-axis control, it can be machining multiple surfaces in a chucked position, and has brought high efficiency production by enhancing dimension precision and reducing the useless works time.