In the field of clothing, food, household and medicine, we aim to be a manufacturer that can be the most familiar engineering partner for our customers.
We provide the most advanced and optimal equipment and systems to the industry, which manufactures products that form the foundation of our daily lives,
with the aim of realizing a comfortable lifestyle for our customers.
In the future, we will contribute to industrial development by offering our know-how and a productivity improvement plan including energy saving,
automation, unmanned factory and the internet of things together with our machines and systems.

Process Engineering Division

Pursuing the good taste and safety of various foods that support our daily dining.

In various food processes, including retort foods, as people become increasingly concerned about food safety and security, we provide optimum equipment and systems for the customers to support safe and delicious foods producing. Since 1975, we have delivered more than 2,700 retort sterilizers to the world, and currently that is used for cooking and sterilizing more than 70% retort foods of Japan. In the beverage business, we are expanding the range of applications from beer coolers using plate-type heat exchangers to seasonings such as sake, soy sauce, and flavored sake, to sterilizing soft and vegetable beverages.

Contributing to the
pharmaceutical industry
by increasing the safety
and reliability of various
medical products.

Our high quality pharmaceutical sterilizers systems, which were born from the food sterilization technology, are used for I.V. bottles/bags and PFSs (pre-filled syringes). We also have a long track record in the evaporation of various chemical solutions including Chinese herbal extracts, and have undertaken the consistent plant engineering from the extraction/separation of the pre-concentrated processes to the sterilization/drying of the post-processes.
There is also a record of deliveries to the modulation plant of topical and liquid preparations.
We will expand the new business domains such as enteral nutrition products and liquid food for medical use.

Coloring our life by dyeing of various fiber materials and the value-added processing.

"Circular", our main product developed in the 1970s, is a world famous machine that continues to grow in response to the needs of the times. In the dyeing process for fabric products that use large quantities of water, wastewater treatment is essential to prevent water pollution. We are working to develop a supercritical dyeing treatment system that uses supercritical CO2 gas, which is friendly to the global environment without discharging water.
In industrial materials other than apparel (such as car seats and interiors), we are contributing to the development of various industries by providing plant equipment not only for dyeing but also for a wide range of industries in the fields of high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and drying.