HISAKA's technology blends into your life.

Putting to use our long-cultivated technology for controlling the heat and pressure of fluids,
we have provided many products that support safety, comfort and convenience in the fields of
clothing, food, housing, pharmaceuticals, environments and energy.

Heat Exchanger Division

Ever since developing the first plate heat exchanger in 1955, we have built up a long track record
of deliveries for heat exchange process in various industries through our wide lineup from ultra-compact
brazed heat exchangers (BHE) to world largest plate heat exchangers (PHE).

  • Large size PHE
  • PHE for CO2 capture
  • PHE for Marine
  • PHE for HVAC
  • Welded PHE
  • Small size PHE
  • (1)(2)(3)(1)Large size BHE
    (2)BHE for hot-water supply
    (3)BHE for refrigeration
  • Full service package
  • Mail-order website Magokoro net

Process Engineering Division

For the purpose of the realization of people’s comfortable life, we provide the most suitable and cutting-edge
machines, systems and services to the industry producing the products that form the basis of our daily lives.

  • Retort food sterilizer
  • Fully automated continuous
    sterilization cooling system
    (Lift steamer Z)
  • Rapid preparation
    sterilizer (RIC)
  • Flash type evaporator
  • Pure steam generator
  • Pharmaceutical sterilizer
  • Liquid sterilizer
    (Plate type)
  • Culture tank and
    peripheral equipment
  • Jet dyeing
    Jet dyeing

Valve Division

The ball valve we developed for the first time in Japan has been improved and maintained the high quality.
It has been used in many plants and various facilities in the chemical, steelmaking, pulp/paper, environment,
Food/beverage, and electricity/energy.

  • General
    2-way ball
    valve (HF5)
    3-way ball
    valve (H45)
  • Metal touch ball valve
    (HF5 MI)
  • Diaphragm valve
  • Jacketed ball valve
  • Semi-jacketed ball valve
  • Y-type 3-way ball valve
  • Tank-bottom ball valve
  • Sealed valve
  • Hi-T seat ball valve