Announcement of response to New Coronavirus (COVID-19) ※Updated on May 7th

Following the "Purpose of the New Coronavirus measures (basic concept)" announced by Japanese government on February 25th, 2020, we HISAKA place top priority on preventing internal and external infectious damage and ensuring the safety of all our stakeholders.
And now, we have decided to take countermeasures as shown in the following.

1. Working
・ Strong promotion of tele-work scheme
・ Encouragement of time difference attendance and leaving

2. Conferences, seminars, business trips, etc.
・Active use of the video conferencing system
・Avoiding unnecessary face-to-face meetings
・Restraining on business visits
・Prohibition of overseas business trips
・Prohibition of participation in events, and seminars

3. Others
・Preventative measures such as gargling, hands washing and wearing masks
・Request for visitors to fill out a simple medical examination form
・Home stay instructions to employees who may have been in close contact with infected

4. Corresponding period
February 26th, 2020 to May 29th, 2020
※ We will consider extension depending on the situation and respond flexibly.

To our customers, business partners and related parties, we apologize for any inconvenience we may have, but would like to ask for your understanding.