Pure steam generator

Necessary equipment to supply the pyrogen-free pure steam for sterilization of various devices, tanks and piping used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
It is utilized in a variety of fields that require pure steam, such as hospitals, laboratories, and food and cosmetics industries.

Pure steam generator
Supplying the pyrogen-free pure steam
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  • Fully automated operation is possible.
  • High purity steam can be produced by incorporating special high performance separators.
  • Small installation area with compact design.
  • High purity distilled water (WFI : Water For Injection) can be produced with a condenser installed
    in the downstream process when no pure steam is required.
  • Available to correspond to the Standard of EN285.


SIP (Sterilizing In Place) for the various types of equipment/tank/piping, humidification in air-conditioning of clean room and tableting process.