Development testing laboratory

In the development test laboratory, with various testing unit including sterilization, we strongly support our customers' new product development and new manufacturing facility planning through verification testing and sample production.

Product sterilization

Infusion bags, bottles
Infusions, injections and enteral nutrients are filled and sealed.
Bags and bottles are easily deformed by soft packaging materials, but products without deformation are required to ensure drainage during a drip.
By combining the optimum tray shape, structure and with the pressure control, products with excellent drainage properties are realized.
Kit products, syringes
Prefilled syringes, barrels, blood collection kits, and blood bags are sterilized, dehydrated, and dried in a sterilizer tank.
The purpose of this is to fill the powder preparations in the next process and to prevent contamination.
In fact, spray sterilization or steam sterilization is followed by removal of water droplets and warm air drying.
Through testing, we pursue optimal sterilization and drying conditions.

Liquid sterilization

Medium, drink preparations, extracts, etc.
We propose the optimum heating system from plate, tube and spin-injection types that meets the customer's needs and requirements of the liquid characteristics (ease of burnt, solids content, high viscosity).


Pharmaceutical ingredients, crude drug extract, etc.
From the lineup of plate, flash and global types, we can confirm the optimal concentration system to perform the concentration processing according to the characteristics and the purpose of the liquid by conducting the test.


Crude drug extract, etc.
Drying tests can be conducted using a vacuum belt dryer even the case of high viscosity liquid, which is difficult to process in spray drying, can be dried at low temperatures to obtain highly soluble dry products continuously in a short time.