Evaporation concentrator

For evaporation and concentration of various chemicals and solutions, we propose a suitable system for scale, foaming, and high viscosity while suppressing heat affect under reduced pressure.
It is also suitable for the manufacturing of the extract of health food.
In addition, we also provide consistent plant engineering, from extraction and separation of pre-concentrated process to concentration, sterilization and dryness.

Flash type evaporator(REV : Plate-type forced circulation type)
Suitable for the concentration of highly foaming liquid
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Flash type evaporator(REV : Plate-type forced circulation type)
Flash type evaporator(REV-T2 : Testing unit)

Evaporation concentrator is a small and fully automated equipment performing flush-evaporation in the separator tank.
With its superior structure, not only concentrating of small-volume liquids, capable of operating that suppresses the foam completely in a variety of highly foaming liquids.


  • Operating while crushing the foams also supports the concentration of the forming liquid.
  • Highly adaptable to high viscosity liquids, capable of handling up to approximately 2,000mPa・S.
  • The device repeating the batch operation achieves a large cost reduction and space saving by a compact design.
  • Fully automated operation from the start-up to the washing process is achieved by the programming control.
  • Complete continuous operation is also possible depending on the customer's request.
  • SUS316 and titanium are available for the plate material.

Global evaporator(GY : Coil rotation type)
Suitable for the concentration of high viscosity liquid or solid content liquid
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Global evaporator(GY : Coil rotation type)
Global evaporator(GY-02 : Testing unit)

By rotating the coil-type heat transfer tube inside the can, the liquid is stirred at the same time while the concentrated liquid adhering to the coil surface is peeled off by centrifugal force, resulting in excellent heat transfer effect. It is also suitable for the concentration of high viscosity liquid or solid content liquid.


  • The concentration at low temperature is also good, obtaining high quality extract and a medicinal ingredient.
  • Renewal of the heat transfer surface and the liquid boundary membrane avoids the deterioration of evaporation capacity due to scale stains and burnt.
  • Suitable for the concentration of high viscosity liquid or solid content liquid.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy due to the coil can be easily pulled out.

Long plate type one-pass concentrator(MFE: Plate type thin membrane flow system)
Supporting a small-volume production of a wide variety of products, enable to concentrate while minimizing heating history.
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The one-pass system is possible with super-long plate, and the amount of holding liquid in the equipment is minimized, it is the state-of-the-art equipment that secures high quality concentrate for such as liquids that are emphasized fragrance or sensitive to heat.


  • Concentrate without compromising the properties of the stock solution by completing the process from receiving of the stock solution to the extraction of the concentrated liquid in a few minutes.
  • Minimizing the amount of holding liquid in the equipment supports a small-volume production of
    a wide variety of products.
  • There is no stagnating of the treatment liquid with super-long plate, one-pass concentration system is highly efficient and low cost.
  • Suitable for steam compressor and thermo-compressor types, also reusing of steam is effective for energy saving.
  • Since the liquid always flows at high flow rate, the scale is greatly reduced.
  • The compact vertical shape of evaporation plate saves space for installation area.

Depending on the evaporation amount, the plates are available in three different sizes.


  1. The stock solution is preheated with exhaust heat such as an evaporator drain, and is supplied
    from the stock solution inlet of the evaporation plate.
  2. The liquid is heated further, rises through the center of the plate at high velocity, and flushes
    at the top of the plate.
  3. The flushed liquid and the vapor are uniformly dispersed, and evaporate while descending in
    a thin membrane shape on the fluted plate.
  4. It is led to the separator from the outlet at the bottom of the plate, and efficiently separated into
    a vapor and concentrated liquid.

Plate type evaporator
Suitable for mass-production by suppressing
the scaling and heat effect
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The stock solution, which is pre-heated and entered in the evaporator, is self-evaporated
by the temperature difference between the inside of the equipment, instantly heated and
evaporated at the plate surface.
The circulation of the considerable capacity liquid increases the speed, and the scale becomes
difficult to adhere to the plate surface.


  • Because the mass velocity is high and the distribution of the liquid is uniform, the operatione is difficult to adhere.
  • The heat transfer performance is three to five times higher than conventional multi-tube type.
  • Short processing time, and the liquid contacts with the heat transfer surface about 2 seconds, suitable for heat-sensitive liquid.
  • The circulation system is adopted to cope with changes in the stock solution.
  • Easy to disassemble, easy to wash plates and increase or decrease the number of plates.
  • Fully automated operation from start to cleaning with a single button.