Pharmaceutical liquid continuous sterilizer

Suitable for continuous sterilization and aseptic filling of medium products, drinks, and nutritional foods, for example.
Using plate/tube/spin-injection types for the heat transfer element to provide a sophisticated system that protects the quality of the processing solution.

Liquid continuous sterilizer(UHT Plate type)
High efficiency processing is achieved by
the original developed heat transfer plate.
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The FX series is used in HISAKA UHT (Ultrahigh temperature) offers excellent liquid replacement and detergency by a uniform liquid flow in the plate, allowing for long-term continuous operation.
The Fluorine resin cushion gasket (TCG) greatly improves durability and free of contamination.


  • Own developed Plate FX series improves yield and allows for long-term operation.
  • The use of fluorine resin cushion gasket reduces foreign matter contamination, residual fragrance, and the frequency of gasket replacement.


Medium products, injections, oral/enteral drugs, drinks, nutritional foods, herbal medicines, etc.

Liquid continuous sterilizer(Tube type)
Compatible with a variety of liquids in an
excellent detergency
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Compatible with a variety of liquids such as high viscosity liquid, and the small wetted area of
the gasket realized excellent detergency.
Double tube type for small-volume production and multi tube type for large volumes production
can be proposed.


  • Many types of liquid are applicable, and it can be applied to products from low to high viscosity (~10,000 mPa・S), containing solids and fibers.
  • Excellent liquid replacement is best for a wide variety of products.
  • Easy maintenance due to limited use of gaskets.
  • The small wetted area of the gasket reduces the flavoring and residual fragrance.
  • Uniform flow realizes excellent detergency, allowing for long-term operation even for products
    that are easy to burnt.
  • Double tube type
  • Multi tube type


Medium products, injections, herbal medicines, crude drug extract, undiluted intermediates,
other high viscosity liquids

Liquid continuous sterilizer(Spin-injection type)
Improving the problems of a conventional
direct heating system
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The system improves the problem of a conventional direct heating system.
By forcibly mixing and stirring the liquid and pure steam, the temperature is raised in a short time, allowing for long-term operation and uniform heating.


  • By forcibly mixing and stirring the liquid and pure steam at the steam blowing part to achieve uniform heating instantaneously.
  • Self-pressurization enables operation with low-pressure steam, resulting in high quality sterilization by reducing the temperature difference between liquid and steam.
  • The operation conditions of the control panel can be set freely for each type, such as rotation speed and back pressure, it is possible to handle a wide variety of processing.
  • CIP ensures cleaning of the wetted part including the steam blowing part, and the disassembly and visual check of the equipment can be performed in a short time.


Medium products, liquid diet, oral/enteral drugs, herbal medicines, crude drug extract, etc.