Fully automated continuous sterilizer

The equipments that fully automate a series of processes, from sterilization to cooling, realizes unmanned and labor-saving operations in the manufacturing process.

Lift steamer Z(Fully automated continuous sterilization cooling system)
Further improvement of quality and work efficiency achieves the costs reduction.
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It is ideal for mass production because uniform heating and cooling of sealed chilled foods can be performed continuously.


  • 1. Accurate and easy temperature control

    The temperature of the heating chamber is precisely and stably controlled by PID control simply setting an arbitrary temperature from 60 up to 100℃ at the control panel.

  • 2. Significant energy saving

    The consumption of steam is about 50% compared with the hot water type, since there is no steam outflow from the equipment and the heat loss is very low.

  • 3. Shorten warm-up time

    Since there is no necessity of boiling water, compared with the conventional hot water type, warm-up time of the equipment is significantly reduced.

  • 4. Improvement of the factory environment and reduction of equipment and plant maintenance costs

    Since there is no steam outflow from the equipment, the temperature and humidity rise in the factory can be prevented even without exhaust fans or ducts, and total cost reduction is possible.

  • 5. Improvement of the product quality and value

    The texture, color and flavor of the product are good compared with the hot water sterilization, and also the surface gloss of the product remains very beautiful.

  1. 1. Products flowing from the conveyor on the filling machine side are stored in buckets by an automatic feeding device.
  2. 2. Sterilized in a steam-heated room and cooled in a shower-cooled room on the same bucket.
  3. 3. After being taken out by an automatic unloading device, it is sent to a next process.


Molded container Jelly, tofu, savory egg custard, egg tofu, etc.
Pouch Curry for business use and individual consumption, side dishes, etc.
Spout pouch Jelly beverages, etc.
Deep drawing Crab sticks, meat products, etc.
Pillow Custard cream, konjac, etc.

*Full Automatic continuous sterilization and cooling machine...
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Lift type cooling system
It enables to short cooling time with cold water shower method
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  1. 1. Short-time rapid cooling minimizes the temperature range in which bacteria can grow.
  2. 2. Space-saving design with lift-type bucket transport up and down.
  3. 3. Original chain drive system enables stable and continuous operation over a long period of time.
  4. 4. Suitable for various applications such as continuous cooling equipment and chiller cooling equipment.


Fillings (bread cream, bean paste, curry, etc.), jams, cream cheese, ingredients for Chinese Manju
Jelly, milk pudding, yogurt

Net steamer NZ
Steaming system contributes to energy saving
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  1. 1. High versatility to accommodate products of various specifications.
  2. 2. Uniform and precise control of steam temperature enables stable sterilization and quality improvement.
  3. 3. Significant energy savings and simplification of ancillary facilities compared to hot water type.
  4. 4. Significant improvement in working health environment by eliminating hot and humid conditions (no external leakage of steam)

Proposal of options in accordance with the requests
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Air-blow type dehydrator

Air is used to remove moisture from the product after cooling.

The spin nozzle dehydrates from the front and back surfaces in the first half of the process, and the flexible nozzle targets hard-to-remove areas in the second half to achieve a high dehydration rate.

Shape arrangement conveyor

It intends to improve sterilization efficiency and increase the efficiency of box packing operations by ensuring uniform thickness of the product.

The conveyor on the side to be shaped is moved up and down to beat and stretch the product to handle products with high solid content.