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HISAKA's technologies and products support people in everyday life through all industrial fields including clothing, food, housing, medical care and energy source.

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HISAKA WORKS, LTD. is a manufacturer that makes and sells plate heat exchangers, food sterilizers, pharmaceutical sterilizers, liquid dyeing machines, ball valves and the like. Putting to use our long-cultivated technology for "controlling the heat and pressure of fluids", we have provided many products that support safety, comfort and convenience in "the fields of clothing, food, housing, pharmaceuticals, environments and energy" through "sophisticated manufacturing technology". Ever since our founding in 1942, we have contributed to enhanced efficiency of heat exchange processes and fluid control in various industrial fields – particularly chemicals, iron/steel, shipbuilding and air conditioning, besides also contributing to enhanced safety through sterilization in the food and pharmaceutical fields, and to high productivity and quality of dyeing processes in the fields of clothing and industrial materials. We have also contributed to reliable quality control structures and environmental conservation by making maximal use of cutting-edge plant and equipment.
In today's world, where needs become rapidly more varied and sophisticated with the times, HISAKA will be working for further enhancements of customer satisfaction as an integrated manufacturer that takes care of development, design, manufacturing, and even sales, itself.