■ LONG LIFE OPERATION At the time of ball rotating, no touch and rub with ball seat, therefore there is not possibility to increase torque something bite between ball and seat. It is realized long life operation.
And this model is suitable for pneumatic conveyer system with high frequency line and slurry fluids.

■ CONTAMINATION LESSRubbed powder of PTFE, Rubber, Metal seat is not possibility to into fluid.
Therefore it is best for food additives,
chemical and line that need high safety.

  • Ball is rotated by stem "B", ball and ball seat are not touched on rotating timing. And then ball pushed to ball seat and get sealing fluid by rotating another stem "A".
  • Ball and ball seat rotating without touching, therefore ball seat is not rubbed and it is everlasting.
  • As one side sealing design, there is not pocket area dead space of ball and valve body.
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