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Supercritical fluid processing machine

By using supercritical (subcritical) fluid of CO2, water and alcohol as a dyeing technology for the near future, we have manufactured the world's largest dyeing machine while assuming practical production that conduct dyeing, reacting, extracting, separating, washing, dissolving and oxidizing.
The CO2 supercritical technology, which is environmentally friendly because drainage is not discharged, is expected to be applied not only for dyeing but also for special processing such as washing and functionalization.

Supercritical fluid processing machine
Reaching the dreams of dyeing technology that
uses no water at all.
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This is a revolutionary dyeing machine that reuses CO2 from liquid to supercritical to gas to liquid
in a closed system, and is effective in reducing environmental impact and is not affected by
water resources.

(1) The dye is dissolved under the CO2 supercritical conditions, and the fabric is dyed with
the supercritical fluid in the tank.
(2) When the supercritical conditions is opened after dyeing, the dried fabric can be taken out.
(3) CO2 returning to the gas at the time of opening is pressurized and compressed in
the next process, and is recovered and stored as liquid CO2.


  • Reducing the energy by 43%.
  • No water and chemicals (dispersant, leveling and RC agents) is required.
  • No drainage treatment and dryer is required.
  • Carbon dioxide is available for recovery (Recovery rate : 96%).
  • Safe design of 30MPa withstand pressure.

Supercritical fluid processing machine
Realizing the functional processing, reforming,
extraction, and precision washing without
using water
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This machine supports various types of processing under supercritical (subcritical) conditions of
high temperature and high pressure (300℃ and 30 MPa).

High quality

  • Without using water, functional processing, reforming, extraction of high-grade components, and precise cleaning are possible.
  • The high diffusivity reaction and synthesis are easily controlled, and the recovery rate of the target substance is improved.
  • Also be applied to co-solvents and surfactants.
  • Extracts and products can be separated and precipitated in dry condition by pressure drop or vaporization.
  • Diffusing into the amorphous parts inside the polymer, and the processing and washing of microscopic pores are possible.

Wet heat and supercritical (subcritical) processing of water system
Hydrothermal reaction can perform an etching cutting and decomposition of high polymer area that do not require chemicals.


  • Recycling applications, including chemical products.
  • Reforming and decomposition of amorphous parts in the wet heat zone (ex : Monosaccharification and shape stabilizing processing of cellulose).
  • Chemical recycling through pyrolysis, oxidative decomposition, and hydrolysis.
  • Hydrolysis of water similar to acid or alkali treatment through hydrothermal reaction or increase in ionic volume.
  • Improving the availability of biomass.
  • Reforming, decomposition, and degradation product.
  • Decomposition and oxidative decomposition by thermal reaction using high heat.